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Bamboo needs very less water and that too until December – January. Systematic plantation along the agriculture field, along with the newly rejuvenated water currents, along rivers and all water channels, in the catchment area of the dams and percolation tanks, even wastelands and rocky lands will help the farmers as well as the nation. Bamboo reduces soil erosion, allows water to percolate slowly and replenish the underground water too. It works on the principle of rainwater harvesting and makes water available in wells which can be used for the second crop in Rabi. Bamboo has a great advantage that it thrives well if supportive irrigation is there. But it survives even if no water is available for the prolonged period. During drought, it hibernates and again grows when it rains.

Lot has been debated on the Co2 fixation ability and carbon sequestration by bamboo. The International Network on Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR) working on this. If planted along water currents flowing through the cities it will improve the water quality flowing. There are ample places in the urban areas where one can plant bamboo. So also along the highways, we can plant bamboos. If planted in city parks and open places along large roads it will be very advantageous First by providing an evergreen landscape and helping reduce the temperature in the cities. Secondly by improve the air quality and thirdly provide huge biomass and along with the biomass which can help run a power plant or alcohol plant or CNG plant bringing in additional for the local bodies.

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