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Welcome to Seedlings India, your premier destination for a verdant paradise right in your home or office space. Discover a world of botanical wonders with our vast collection of seeds, live plants, and rare succulents, carefully curated to bring nature's beauty into your surroundings.

Long cultivated under the synonym Monadenium rubellumSN|28016]]SN|28015]], Euphorbia neorubella is an odd caudiciform plant with dainty branched stems looking like a colony of twisting, light-green snakes and succulent lanceolate leaves dappled in purple. This perennial, succulent herb is interesting not only because of its ‘round foot’, but also because it flowers pretty much year around, and doesn't seem to need a dormant period. This ‘round foot’ is where it stores its water reserves that are its stock for dry periods. M. rubellum is particularly priced by the specialist collector.
Rootstock (Caudex): Tuberous, swollen, semi-woody, single turbinate or obovoid, more often quite free-formed with multiple sections, about 8 cm long and 1.5 cm across. In habitat the fat rootstock grows buried in the ground, but in cultivation, once the tuberous roots develop, the plant is lifted above soil level and replanted with roots exposed making a very showy bonsai-like specimen.
Stem: At first upright then decumbent (low growing or droopy), thin, branched at the base. Branches c. 2 mm thick up to 30 (or more) centimetres long with green and red stripes.
Leaves: Sword-shaped, lanceolate, leathery green marked with red/burgundy stripes 2.5-4 cm long, 0.4-1 cm wide, acute on both ends, entire, tinged purple beneath; nerves inconspicuous. Petioles 1-2 mm long. Stipules scale-like, 1- to 4- dentate, brown.
Flowers (cyathia): Up to 15 mm long, axillary, solitary, small, pale or dark pink that resemble a very exotic type of orchid. The more sunlight it gets, the more red the flowers are. Peduncles to 17 mm long, forked once. Bracts cup, to 6 mm long, 4 mm wide, pink, tinged rose.
Blooming season: It flowers mainly during spring and summer, but it can flower opportunistically whenever growing condition are favourable.

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