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Sansevieria Cylindrica Snake Plant Air Purifier For Home And..More




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Welcome to Seedlings India, your premier destination for a verdant paradise right in your home or office space. Discover a world of botanical wonders with our vast collection of seeds, live plants, and rare succulents, carefully curated to bring nature's beauty into your surroundings.

Dracaena cylindrica is easy to grow and needs very little attention. Its spear-like foliage stands tall and makes a striking foil for more lush-leaved plants. If you're lucky, a flower spike may appear from the base of the plant, covered in tiny white blooms.
Grow Dracaena cylindrica in bright light out of indirect sunlight, in an averagely humid spot – there's no need to keep it in your bathroom. It's a fantastic choice for air purification – studies have shown its foliage can filter airborne toxins such as benzene (associated with glues, wax and detergents), and formaldehyde (found in household products, cigarette smoke and smoke from wood burning stoves), so you might want to grow it in a bedroom or living room where there are lots of potential pollutants floating about.
Water infrequently, allowing the compost to completely dry out between waterings. Avoid letting the plant sit in water as this may cause root rot. There's very little need to feed Dracaena cylindrica, but a weak solution of cactus feed once a month may beneficial.

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Winter to Spring

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Air Purification

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