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Golden Bamboo


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The common forms of P. aurea are easily identified by their characteristic compressed internodes in the lower part of the canes which have a tortoiseshell-like appearance. This internodal compression result in shorter heights (25' +/-) and thicker cane diameters (relative to height) than many other Phyllostachys species.[5]

The canes will turn yellow in full or partial sun, and deepen into a gold-orange color as the plant matures. Branching and foliage tend to start lower to the ground than many other Phyllostachys, but some prefer to cut off lower branches to show off the interesting 'tortoise shell' lower part of the canes (see photo)


Phyllostachys aurea is cultivated as an ornamental plant for gardens. In the United States, it is considered an invasive species that crowds out native species and is difficult to remove. It is the most commonly cultivated bamboo in the United States. It is a cold hardy bamboo, performing well in USDA Plantzones 6 to 10,

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