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About Seedlings India

Seedlings Quality Seeds & Flowers Division, is a leading F1 hybrid flower seed production company with over three decades of experience.

Our Mission is to give back to nature what we have extracted from it. Many NGO's like plant a tree, and others have joined hands with us to promote the cause. To educate people on how to grow a tree from a tree and maintain a healthy living environment.

Its strange though, as a Kid I always was fond of growing plants from Seeds but lost my passion due to my work. However my 7 year old daughter


Dragged me back into it. Arunima her name which means first ray of Light, one day brought back a plant that she had grown in School (It was a herb sapling in a vanilla ice cream cup). it was a small plant grown from seeds and looked very refreshing. Day in and day out I watched her take care of the plant, till it had to be replanted in a bigger planter. We at that time did not have a gardener, so I was pushed on one fine Sunday to go with her and buy her a Pot with some soil. I helped her replant the Basil and, while I was doing all this, I somehow recollected my own days of sowing and planting and the same passion to reconnect with nature started to come back. This is when I realised that work work and work makes a man dull and boring and one should always try and maintain a hobby which can help us ease out the daily work tensions and stress. 

From that day , I have never looked back and started growing plants again, never realizing that I had turned my house into a mini nursery. The Passion and love for plants grew stronger by the day and finally I am starting my own portal in collaboration with NGO's, for donating as well as selling plants, saplings and seeds. , though is still under construction, but my products are live and doing well on ebay, amazon as well as facebook. My portal is to basically educate the educated on how to maintain and grow plants. Each plant has different needs and has to be taken care of in a particular manner. Not all seeds grow from soil, there are various techniques involved in growing a plant from a seed. The entire details would be live and running soon on my site.

Those of you who wish to have a look or buy plant please check the links below, Plant lovers who wish to join the initiative of giving back to the environment do write to me, and let me know what you think about the concept. Looking forward to your comments and ideas.